for Climate Workshop

27-28 June 2024 | ESA-ECSAT


Earth's Spectrally Resolved Reflected Radiation - TRUTHS for Climate Workshop

The registration is free of charge. Participants are however expected to fund their own travel to the workshop. A social event will be organised at the end of Day 1.  


In person participation is expected in the interest of interactivity and productivity during and around the round tables.

When registering, please indicate the sessions you would like to contribute to. 

If you wish to present a poster to contribute and support the workshop discussions, please contact the organisers by submitting a title and a short abstract (free format) per email. 

Invited talks will introduce the discussions in the different sessions. Participants will also have the possibility to share ad hoc support material from an electronic document (PPT, PDF, DOCX...). Please note that a couple of figures are indicatively expected in such a case, to support the discussions. They are not meant are conference-like oral talks.