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Using the Sentinel-3 Altimetry Copernicus Marine Data Stream

‚Ā†Saturday 29th September 08.30 - 10.30

The objectives of this course are to demonstrate data retrieval & use from EUMETSAT's Copernicus Altimetry Data Stream, learn what data and products the Copernicus Marine Data Stream provides (variables, timeliness, resolution, data formats);

It is an introduction to the Copernicus Marine Data Stream (CMDS) altimetry products covering information on:
  • The geophysical variables provided including timeliness/temporal resolution and spatial resolution of the product;
  • Access/download data and products provided in the Copernicus Marine Data Stream (CODA, EUMETSAT Data archive, EUMETCast);
  • Dataformat of the products.

At the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • Select from the Copernicus Marine Data Stream appropriate products for specific tasks;
  • Investigate the potential of Copernicus Marine Data for your own applications, using Python, Panoply and/or BRAT & visualise the data; 
  • In the context of this course we will focus on the application of data from Sentinel-3 mainly, but also from Jason-3.

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