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Monday 20 March 2017


Chair: Rune Floberghagen 
Chair: David J. Knudsen 
Chair: Tommaso Parrinello

Opening address by the President of the Canadian Space Agency Sylvain Laporte

Sylvain Laporte

Opening by the Director of ESA Earth Observation Programmes Josef Aschbacher

Josef Aschbacher

Opening address by the Director NASA Earth Science Division Michael Freilich

Michael Freilich

Welcome address by the Vice President of the University of Calgary Professor Ed McCauley

Ed McCauley

The Citizen Scientist - A New Era

Eric Frank Donovan

Keynote address by professor Andrew Shepherd on the impact of Cryosat for the understanding of polar regions in the context of global change

Andrew Shepherd

Address by professor Michael Sideris, President of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics, representing all Earth scientists around the globe

Michael Sideris

Status of the ESA Earth Explorer Missions

Mark Drinkwater


Session 1C - Mission Overview
Chair: Nic Mardle
Chair: Pascal Gilles

CryoSat Mission. 7 years in Operations: Status and Achievements

Tommaso Parrinello

Cryosat - Scientific Highlights

Andrew Shepherd

Cryosat - Validation Campaigns

Mark Drinkwater

CryoSat Product Evaluation & Evolution after 7-years in Operation

Jérome Bouffard

The Sentinel-3 Altimetry Land Mission: Overview and Status of Operations

Pierre Féménias


Session 1D - Sea ice records from missions
Chair: Rachel Tilling
Chair: Eero Rinne

Invited - Keynote: Understanding Inter-annual Variability, and Long Term Trends, in Polar Sea Ice using Satellite Laser and Radar Altimetry: Current Achievements and Future Prospects

Sinead Farrell

Monthly Variability of Sea Ice Thickness from CryoSat-2

Ron Kwok

Drop of Arctic Sea-Ice Growth in Winter 2015/16 Observed with Merged CryoSat-2/SMOS Data Record

Stephan Paul

Towards Climate Data Records of Arctic and Antarctic Sea Ice Thickness from CryoSat-2 and Envisat Radar Altimetry

Stephan Paul


Poster Flash - Products, Technics and Tools

Michele Scagliola

CryoSat SAR/SARin Level1b Products: Assessment of BaselineC and Improvements towards BaselineD

Michele Scagliola

CONFORM: CryOsat Netcdf FORmat Migration for Ice and Ocean Products

Marco Fornari

Transponder Calibration in SAR/SARIN Altimetry: from CryoSat-2 to Sentinel-3

Mònica Roca

Squeezing SARIn Capabilities for Complex Scenarios: L1 & L2 Processing Improvements

Mònica Roca

Broadview Radar Altimetry Toolbox

Marc Naeije


Guillaume Aurel

Sea Ice App

Anna Hogg


Welcome Reception & Poster Session

Tuesday 21 March 2017


Session 2A - Sea-ice thickness retrieval and validation #1
Chair: Thomas Armitage
Chair: Ron Kwok

Impact of Ice and Snow Properties on Freeboard Retrieval and Sea-Ice Thickness Calculation from ALS, ASIRAS and CryoSat-2

Jennifer King

Novel Measurements of the Snow Depth Distribtuion on Sea Ice in Support of Polar Altimetry

Sinead L Farrell

Deriving Snow Depth for Arctic Sea Ice Thickness Retrievals: Can We Trust Precipitation Estimates from Reanalyses?

Linette Nicole Boisvert

Consistent CryoSat-2/Envisat Waveform Interpretation Over Sea Ice

Stephan Paul

Validation Of CryoSat Sea Ice Thickness Retrievals

Christian Haas


Session 2B - Sea-ice thickness retrieval and validation #2
Chair: Christian Haas
Chair: Amandine Guillot

Validation of CryoSat-2 Sea Ice Thickness with Upward-Looking Sonar Measurements in the Eastern Canadian Arctic

Ingrid Peterson

The Development of a Dynamic Snow Load for Cryosat-2 Sea Ice Thickness Retrievals

Rachel Tilling

Using Ice Thickness Distribution from Cryosat to Initialise Sea Ice Models

Michel Tsamados

A Physical Approach for Freeboard Computation from CryoSat-2

Pierre Thibaut

Retrievals of Lake Ice Thickness Using CryoSat-2

Justin Francis Beckers


Session 2C - New application frontiers over polar ocean
Chair: Michele Scagliola
Chair: Jerome Bouffard
Chair: Marco Fornari

Iceberg Detection and Analysis using Cryosat Modes

Jean Tournadre

Scientific Applications of Fully-Focused SAR Altimetry

Alejandro Egido

As Assessment of Sea Ice Freeboard Derived from Fully-Focussed SAR Altimetry

Thomas Armitage

Deriving IMO Polar Code Risk Index Outcome from Cryosat-2

Eero Rinne

An Assessment of the State-of-the-Art Mean Sea Surface and Geoid Models of the Arctic Ocean: Implications for Sea Ice Freeboard Derivation

Henriette Skourup


Session 2D - Application and validation over Ocean
Chair: Walter H F Smith
Chair: G. Costa

The Great Value of Cryosat-2 SAR-in for Coastal Sea Level Monitoring

Ole Baltazar Andersen

Evaluating the Performance of Sentinel-3 SRAL SAR Altimetry in the Coastal and Open Ocean, and Developing Improved Retrieval Methods – The ESA SCOOP Project

Jérôme Benveniste

Using Cryosat to Improve the Observation of Global Oceanic Internal Tides

Zhongxiang Zhao


Poster Flash - from Sea Ice to Ocean

Assessing IceBridge Snow Depth Retrievals over Arctic Sea Ice Using Estimates from Multiple Sources

Ron Kwok

Arctic Lead Detection using a Waveform Unmixing Algorithm from CryoSat-2 Data

Sanggyun Lee

Tuning SAR Processing to Measure Sea Ice Freeboard

Sara Fleury

Comparing Coincident IceBridge and CryoSat-2 Observations Over Sea Ice

Donghui Yi

Determing Arctic Freshwater Fluxes with Cryosat-2

Ole Baltazar Andersen

The Norwegian Coastal Current Observed by CryoSat2 SARIn Altimetry

Martina Idzanovic

GOCE and Cryosat-2 for Dynamical Coastal Topography and Tide Gauge Unification

Ole Baltazar Andersen

Coastal Altimetry from CryoSat-2

Luciana Fenoglio

Improved Oceanographic Measurements with CryoSat SAR Altimetry

Marco Restano

Quality Assessment of CryoSat-2 Ocean Altimetry

Marc Naeije

Global Evaluation Of The New CryoSat Geophysical Ocean Products

Chris Banks

Tropical Cyclones Above Australia During Last 12 Years

Liudmila Vanina-Dart


Poster Session & Drinks: same posters as during all poster sessions for abstract details please refer to Poster Session on Monday 20 March 17.50-19.00

Wednesday 22 March 2017


Session 3A - Ice Sheet elevation time records
Chair: Malcolm McMillan
Chair: Tommaso Parrinello

Invited - Keynote: Monitoring Antarctica's Ice Shelves and Active Subglacial Lakes with Satellite Altimetry

Helen Amanda Fricker

Ice Shelf Thickness Change from CryoSat-2

Anna Hogg

Elevation Changes of the Greenland Ice Sheet from 2013 to Present - CryoSat-2 vs. SARAL/ALtiKA

Sebastian B. Simonsen

Extending Antarctic Ice Shelf Height Change Time Series using Cryosat-2

Susheel Adusumilli

Satellite Altimetry of Greenland and Antarctic Ice Sheets: 40 Years of Advances and Challenges

H Jay Zwally


Session 3B - Ice Sheet retrieval and techniques
Chair: Andrew Shepherd
Chair: H Jay Zwally

Cryosat-2 and Sentinel-3 SAR-Mode Altimetry Performance over the Antarctic Ice Sheet

François Boy

Comparison of Interferometric and Non-Interferometric SAR Altimetry over Ice Sheets

Malcolm McMillan

Influence of Retracker on Ice-Volume and Mass Change Estimates of Greenland and Antarctica

Veit Helm

On a Path Towards the Reassessment of Antarctic Volume Change: Synthesis of ESA CryoSat-2 Radar and NASA Airborne and Satellite Laser Altimetry Observations

Johan Nilsson

Combining Data Sets to Improve the Vertical and Spatial Resolution of Cryosat-2 Elevation-Change Mapping.

Benjamin E. Smith


Session 3D - CryoSat2-IceSat2 synergy towards future polar missions
Chair: Tommaso Parrinello
Chair: Erik De Witte

ICESat-2, its Retrievals of Ice Sheet Elevation Change and Sea Ice Freeboard, and Potential Synergies with CryoSat-2

Thorsten Markus

Possible Extensions for the ESA Ice Mission CryoSat-2: Exploiting the CryoSat-2/ICESat-2 Synergies

Javier Sanchez

Continuation of Service for CryoSat using the Sentinel-6 Heritage Platform with an Interferometric SAR Altimeter

Bjoern Barthen

Evolutions of the SIRAL instrument for the Cryosat Follow-On mission

Yves Le Roy

AltiCryo: A CNES Altimetry Concept Study for Cryosphere Monitoring

Amandine Guillot


Session 3C - Brainstorming, User Feedback Session - Live Connection to Cryosat Campaigns
Chair: Tommaso Parrinello
Chair: Erik De Witte
Chair: Thorsten Markus

Poster Flash - Land Ice and Other

Elevation change of Antarctic ice shelves from 2011 to 2016 using CryoSat-2

Daehyeon Han

Comparison of Cryosat-2 Altimeter Data with ICESat-2 Simulator (SIMPL) Data over Western Greenland Outlet Glaciers

Gavin Christopher Medley

Analysis of the Complete Bouguer Gravity Anomaly and the Parker–Oldenburg Inversion for the Three-Dimensional Moho depth Model in the Central Alborz Structural Zone, Northern Iran

Soran Parang

Thursday 23 March 2017


Session 4B - Cryosphere and Geodesy

Large Precipitation Event Influences Sub-Glacier Hydrology and Ice Flow of Recovery Ice Stream, East Antarctica

Indrani Das

Estimate of Regional Glacial Isostatic Adjustment in Antarctica Considering a Lateral Varying Earth Structure (ESA-STSE Project REGINA)

Jonathan L. Bamber

Arctic Gravity Field from Cryosat-2

Ole Baltazar Andersen

High-Resolution Mass Changes of the Greenland and Antarctica Ice Sheets from Combined CryoSat and GRACE Inversion

Rene Forsberg

High Mountain Asia Glacier Mass Balance Estimates Using Satellite Geodetic Observations

Jian Sun


Session 4C - Ice sheet dynamics
Chair: Anna Hogg
Chair: Laurence Gray

Measuring Surface Processes for the Interpretation of CryoSat-2 and IceBridge Altimetry in the Accumulation Zone of Greenland.

Santiago de la Peña

Swath Processing of CryoSat-2 for Improved Coverage of the Grounding Zone

Geoffrey Joseph Dawson

Fourteen Years of Subglacial Lake Activity in Antarctica from Multi-Mission Altimetry

Matthew R. Siegfried

Comparison of Regional Scheme Techniques for Estimating the Canadian Arctic Archipelago Land Ice Mass Changes from ICESat

Iliana Tsalis


Poster Flash

Session 4D - Ice-caps and Glaciers
Chair: Helen Amanda Fricker
Chair: Jonathan Bamber

Invited - Keynote: Monitoring and Modelling Glacier Changes in Western Canada

Shawn Marshall

Near Real-Time Mass Balance of Arctic Ice Caps from the CryoSat-2 Radar Altimeter

David Burgess

Validation of CryoSat-2 for Elevation-Change Detection Over Glaciers on Svalbard and Ice Rises in Antarctica

Geir Moholdt

Swath Processing of CryoSat-2 for the Study of Ice Caps and Mountain Glaciers

Noel Gourmelen

Cryosat-2 Altimetry of BC Coastal Mountain Glaciers

Jim Gower


Poster Session & Drinks: same posters as during all poster sessions for abstract details please refer to Poster Session on Monday 20 March 17.30-19.00

Friday 24 March 2017


Session 5A - Glaciers: multisensor observations and simulations
Chair: David Burgess
Chair: Rene Forsberg

Challenges and Approaches to Altimeter-Data Analysis of Rapidly Changing and Heavily Crevassed Glacier Systems: The Bering Bagley Glacier System, Alaska, During Surge in the View of CryoSat-2, ICESat-2 and Airborne Altimetry

Ute Christina Herzfeld

Numerical Experiments of Surface Crevassing during the Surge of the Bering-Bagley Glacier System in 2011-2013 and Sensitivity to CryoSat-2 Processing

Thomas Trantow

Calibration and Use of the Interferometric Mode of the CryoSat Radar Altimeter to Measure Height Change in the Periphery of the Greenland Ice Cap

Laurence Gray


Seed questions & QA

Session 5B - Hydrology
Chair: Karina Nielsen
Chair: Pierre Féménias

Markov Random Field Based Waveform Retracking Solved by the Graph Cuts Technique

Omid Elmi

Water Level Estimation Along The Mekong River Using Cryosat-2 SAR Multi-Look Stack Data

Eva Boergens

General Evaluation of the Performance of CryoSat-2 over Inland Water

Karina Nielsen


Seed questions & QA