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We invite contributions to the Big Data from Space Conference on all the aspects related to data volume, velocity, variety, veracity and value. The themes addressed by the Conference include (but are not limited to):

1) Data Lifecycle

a) Processing and Analysis
b) Visualization and Visual Analytics
c) Multi-temporal Analysis
d) Onboard Computing, Compression and Transmission
e) Quality, Provenance and Trust

2) Infrastructures and Services for Big Data

a) Storage and computing platforms
b) Interoperability and Standards
c) Heterogeneous Data Sources (including auxiliary and collateral data)
d) Linked Data and Semantics
e) Data Openness, Privacy and Security
f) Software Defined Networking
g) User Management and Access to Resources

3) Big Data Scenarios

a) Space Science and Astronomy
b) Earth Observation
c) Space and Security
d) Big Data Exploitation