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Technical issues in coastal altimetry for conventional, SAR/SARin & FF-SAR modes and the future 2D SWOT altimetry. Relevant topics are: progress on waveform modelling and retracking, Sea State Bias correction in coastal regions, improvements in other corrections, performance assessment of coastal altimetry, calibration and validation of coastal altimetry data and inter-calibration amongst various missions. A specific emphasis will be put on new satellite missions (Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich and CFOSAT), the future SWOT mission, processing schemes (FF-SAR) & datasets. 

Applications of coastal altimetry data
for conventional, SAR/SARin and FF-SAR modes and the future 2D SWOT altimetry, alone or in combination with other space-borne and in situ data and models. This includes the use of data from the various data providers and/or reprocessing initiatives such as SL_cci, SS_cci, CTOH, ALES/ALES+, REAPER, PEACHI, EarthConsole® SARvatore Altimetry Virtual Lab, Baltic+ SEAL, HYDROCOASTAL, Sea Level and Coastal Hazards, FF-SAR for Coastal Zone and others from NASA/NOAA and other worldwide space or funding agencies. Possible applications comprise coastal sea level variations, coastal sea state & sea level interactions, coastal currents, coastal wave field, storm surge research, interaction between inland water discharge and coastal sea level at estuaries and 2D Altimetry in the coastal zone from SWOT. A key topic will also be the assimilation of data in coastal dynamics and storm surge models. 


Synergistic, Climate Studies & Operationalisation. Studies addressing the synergies of coastal altimetry with in situ, model and other satellite data (like SAR, SST, ocean colour) and the integration of coastal altimeter data into coastal observing systems, as well as those looking at climate-scale variations of sea level and sea state in the coastal zone, such as in the ESA Sea Level and Sea State Climate Change Initiative, are particularly welcome, as well as endeavours aiming at reaching a consensus on a coastal zone product for operationalisation.  




  • Review of the science and applications of coastal altimetry, from data processing through emerging applications to new technologies.

  • Review studies using the latest missions (Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich, Sentinel-3A/B, CryoSat-2, CFOSAT, HY-2, AltiKa and Jason-3) and the future SWOT mission.

  • Discuss Sea Level, Dynamic Topography, Currents, Winds and Waves, Sea State, Extreme Events, etc., exploiting altimetry and other data for both real-time monitoring and long-term change studies and discuss products for operationalisation.

  • Collect requirements from users to stimulate the improvement of current applications and shaping future ones, space-borne and in situ products, models, and consolidate the recurring requirements for a Global Coastal Altimetry Product Standard.


The URL of this site is: www.coastalaltimetry.org