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Sentinel-3 Validation Atmosphere

The S3VT Atmosphere will primarily focus on validation and improvement of the S3 products for atmospheric objectives, based on OLCI and/or SLSTR instruments. It primarily includes atmospheric dedicated products worldwide (all surfaces) such as aerosols, fire detection and FRP, cloud properties, H2O etc. Additionally, products supporting atmospheric correction or screening may be included: e.g. atmospheric correction, cloud mask, etc. Finally, evaluation and validation of OLCI and SLSTR core products at other levels, e.g. Level 1, in view of atmospheric objectives (e.g. cloud mask, radiometric calibration, pixel flagging & classification, L1 uncertainties etc), support from reference ground-based and/or other satellite observations, independent algorithms, are very welcome. The new S3VT subgroup would thus take advantage of the multiple disciplines already present or joining us from other groups.

Please click here for the S3VT Atmosphere Terms of References.

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For further information, please contact:

  • ESA
    Contact: Christian Retscher
    Email: Christian.Retscher@esa.int



    Contact: Julien Chimot
    Email: Julien.Chimot@eumetsat.int