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Sentinel-3 Validation Ocean Colour

The ocean colour sub-group of the Sentinel 3 Validation Team (S3VT-OC) performs validation of OLCI core products at all processing levels, including Level-1 TOA radiances, and Level-2 and Level-3 ocean colour parameters as well as S3VT-OC provides support to calibration and characterization of OLCI in-orbit and based on pre-launch measurements.

The S3VT-OC sub-group includes experts in the following tasks and activities:

  • Calibration of ocean colour instruments
  • Verification of radiometric, spectral, and geometric accuracy and stability of OLCI and assessment of OLCI characterization
  • Validation of Level-2 and Level-3 ocean colour products, specifically water-leaving reflectances, reflectance-derived products including chlorophyll-a concentration as well as atmospheric products and by-products
  • Algorithm validation and algorithm development across marine provinces, and coastal and estuarine waters
  • Validation of the elements of the Level-2 ocean colour processing chain, such as pixel classification, flagging and masking, pixel uncertainties

In order to accomplish its tasks, the sub-group accesses OLCI calibration and characterization data, as well as uses ocean colour satellite data from other missions (MODIS, VIIRS, HICO), model data (such as carbon cycle models) and in-situ measurements from existing and new sites and dedicated campaigns.
The subgroup provides assistance to the Sentinel-3 project before launch and in the commissioning and operational phases of the mission. Timeliness of delivery of field measurements and validations to the Sentinel-3 project as well as satellite data to the teams is specific to all subgroup teams.

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