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We invite contributions to the Big Data from Space Conference on all the aspects related to data volume, velocity, variety, veracity and value. The themes addressed by the Conference include (but are not limited to):

Data Lifecycle

1) Data Acquisition and Transmission
2) Data Organization, Archiving, Storage and Management
3) Data Processing and Data Analytics
4) Generation and Provision of Value-Added Information and Services

Infrastructures, Tools and Services for Big Data

a) On-board data handling functions and technologies
b) Data transfer and telecommunication systems
c) Data storage, dissemination and computing platforms
d) Data access and delivery (availability, search-ability, long-term archiving)
e) Data analytics and visualization tools
f) Data preservation and retrieval
g) Data openness, privacy and security
h) Data quality, provenance and trust
i) Data Science
j) Space and suborbital sensor networks
k) Cooperating sensor networks and Crowdsourcing approaches
l) Interoperability and Standards
m) New networking paradigms (software defined networking and information content networking)
n) Exploitation platforms (Science, Copernicus, Thematic, Mission, Cloud, …)
o) Linked data, heterogeneous data sources and semantics