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Thematic Area - 1

Polarimetric and multi-frequency SAR applications (polarimetric or multi-frequency backscatter intensity and/or polarimetric phase the main measurements. InSAR often useful, but not the main driver). TA-1 covers applications such as Forestry, Agriculture, Wetland and Other Land Uses (i.e. the IPCC “AFOLU” themes), plus such relating to Ocean and Sea Ice.

Session organisers:

  • Ake Rosenqvist (soloEO)
  • Klaus Scipal (ESA)

Thematic Area - 2

Interferometric SAR applications (interferometric phase the main measurement). TA-2 covers the traditional InSAR driven applications such as Solid Earth (incl. crustal deformation, volcanoes), Glaciers/Ice Caps, Geo-hazards, and PS.

InSAR applications (where interferometric phase the main measurement)

Session organisers:

  • Cathleen Jones (NASA/JPL)
  • Björn Rommen (ESA)

Thematic Area - 3

Program and mission coordination

Session organisers:

  • Gerald Bawden (NASA)
  • Malcolm Davidson (ESA)