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Mads Hedegaard

Project Manager & Senior Artificial Intelligence Engineer, Airbus Defence and Space

Mads Hedegaard is a highly experienced professional in the field of space systems and artificial intelligence. With expertise in data solution architecture, data engineering, and systems engineering, Mads possesses a comprehensive understanding of the SW tech-development. Throughout his career, he has managed projects of various scales in collaboration with industry, military, agencies, and governments, and is known for his focus on Lean and Agile management principles. Within his role at Airbus Defence and Space, he especially contributes to application of modern data engineering, e.g. using machine learning, and is likewise part of DevOps and platform developments, creating the needed infrastructure for running such applications. Here Mads was likewise Project Manager from Airbus side, for the creation and implementation of the MLOps platform AInabler at ESA ESOC.