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Dr.Gabriele De Canio

Transformation Officer, ESA ESOC

Gabriele De Canio is Transformation Officer at the European Space Operations Centre, European Space Agency. In his role, he led the development of the roadmap to leverage artificial intelligence for automation of space operations and is now managing and leading the development, implementation and deployment of all ESOC AI-related applications on currently flying as well as future space missions. Previously, he used AI to automate operations, optimize onboard resources and science return, and predict anomalous behaviours. He is also Coordinator of the ESA_Lab@Oxford where he manages collaborations between the Agency and the University of Oxford. Before joining ESA, he co-founded a machine learning start-up focussed on contributing towards a circular economy using satellite imagery and worked in the R&D team at McLaren Racing Formula 1. He holds a PhD in applied mathematics from the University of Cambridge.