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Contributions are invited for presentations on novel research activities and developments exploiting EO data in support of atmosphere-ocean interaction studies.                                   

Areas of interest and related topics of major concern are listed in the following:
  • EO geo-information products and related uncertainties for ocean-atmosphere science;
  • Novel EO missions and future observations for ocean-atmosphere interactions;
  • EO as a tool to characterize air-sea interface and fluxes of mass and energy;
  • Ocean-atmosphere greenhouse gas fluxes and air-sea gas transfer;
  • EO of climatic active gases (including Halogen emissions and Iodine chemistry) in the marine boundary layer;
  • EO of sea spray and aerosols and its interactions with clouds and ecosystems;
  • EO for sea-ice-atmosphere interactions;
  • Atmospheric control of nutrient cycling and supply to surface ocean;
  • EO in biogeochemical modelling, stressors and ocean ecosystems;
  • EO techniques relevant to ocean acidification;
  • EO of atmosphere-ocean interactions on regional scales, such as air-sea gas fluxes at Eastern boundary upwelling and Oxygen Minimum Zone (OMZ) systems;
  • EO data of anthropogenic sources (such as ship plumes) and their impacts on atmospheric chemistry, climate and nutrient supply to the oceans;
  • EO of ocean emissions and tropospheric oxidizing capacity;
  • EO for ocean biogeochemistry and its connections to stratospheric chemistry.
  • Other ocean-atmosphere interaction science topics