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Extended Abstracts

C. Babu. Characteristics of heat budget components in the Indian Ocean during active and break phases of monsoon

C. Babu. Influence of alongshore wind in the bio-productivity of coastal waters of Somalia and South peninsular India

E.R. Bayramov. Multi-Temporal assessment of oil spill frequencies, leak sources and their controlling natural factors and validation of achieved results through the stochastic modelling of oil spills in the Caspian sea using GIS and remote sensing

M. Bellacicco. Role of photoacclimation on phytoplankton's seasonal cycle in the Mediterranean sea through satellite ocean color data

F.De Biasio. Improvements of storm surge forecasting in the gulf of Venice with Satellite Data: The ESA due Esurge - Venice Project

O.Q. GutiƩrrez. On the feasability of the use of wind SAR to downscale waves on shallow water

L. Gutierrez Loza. Air-sea carbon dioxide fluxes in the coastal zone

O. Karagali. Modelling the diurnal variability of SST and its vertical extent

S. Kolios. Spatiotemporal relation between sea surface temperature and cloud convection in the Mediterranean basin during warm season

N. Koshravi. Terrestrial Plant Fluorescence as seen from Satellite Data

C. Lapucci. A Spatial Data Infrastructure to support interpretation of interacting atmospheric and oceanographic features in the Ligurian and North Tyrrhenian Sea

F. Lenti. Conjugate Gradient Algorithm in Banach spaces to enhance the spatial resolution of microwave remote sensing data

G.L. Liberti. Annual Cycles of SST-TPWV over Tropical Oceans: Insights from TRMM Analysis

S. Marullo. SSTdiurnal cycle and heat budget estimates over the Mediterranean sea


A.I. Partanen. Direct and indirect effects on sea spray aerosol using a source function encapsulating wave state

D. Pohler. Observations of reactive halogen species in the marine boundary layer during ship cruises in the Pacific and Atlantic

D. Pohler. Reactive halogen species in the marine boundary layer: a global picture observed from ship cruises and coastal measurements

D. Schiavulli. An Effective Inversion Scheme to Generate Added-Value Remote Sensing Products from GNSS-R Delay-Doppler Maps