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Programme ESA-SOLAS-EGU EO4OcAtm-2014 
Day 1 - Tuesday, October 28, 2014  
Welcome and Introduction
09:30 10:00   Welcome and conference objectives ESA, SOLAS and EGU
10:00 10:30   The ESA satellite missions: new opportunities to monitor ocean-atmosphere interactions from space  C. Donlon, ESA
10:30 11:00   SOLAS into the Future: Designing the next phase of the Surface Ocean-Lower Atmosphere Study C. Garbe, University of Heidelberg
11:00 11:30   Ocean-Atmosphere Fluxes: Challenges and Opportunities B. Ward, NUI Galway
11:30 11:50   Coffee Break  
Session 1 - Novel EO missions - Chairpersons: C. Donlon, ESA, and B. Chapron, Ifremer
11:50 12:10 68637 Wavemill: a new mission for high-resolution mapping of total ocean surface current vectors C. Gommenginger, National Oceanography Centre (presented by B. Chapron, Ifremer)
12:10 12:30 70640 The Ocean Surface Current Mission B. Richards, Airbus Defence and Space (presented by B. Dobke, Airbus Defence and Space)
12:30 12:50 67896 CFOSAT (China France Oceanographic Satellite): Innovative Observations to Study Air/Sea Interactions D. Hauser, CNRS (presented by A. Mouche, Ifremer)
12:50 13:10 68275 A Ku-Band ATI SAR Mission for Total Ocean Surface Current Vector Retrieval: Challenges, Concept, and Error Analysis. F. Lopez-Dekker, German Aerospace Center (DLR)
13:10 13:30 68638 Improved understanding of ocean phytoplankton dynamics by means of chlorophyll fluorescence with the FLEX/Sentinel-3 tandem mission” J. Moreno, University of Valencia (presented by A. Ruiz, University of Valencia)
13:30 14:30   Lunch  
Session 2 - GHG Fluxes (I) - Chairpersons: P. Land, PML, and J. Shutler, PML
14:30 14:50 68133 The Surface Ocean CO2 Atlas (SOCAT) Enables Detection of Changes in the Ocean CarbonSink. D. Bakker, University of East Anglia
14:50 15:10 68166 Air-sea Gas Flux Climatology for the Baltic Sea. A. Rutgersson, Uppsala University (presented by G. Parard, Uppsala University)
15:10 15:30 68089 Operational Monitoring of Trace Gases over the MediterraneanSea G. Grieco, Agenzia Spaziale Italiana
15:30 15:50 68212 Effect of Variable Flux Footprint on Measurement of Air/Sea DMS Transfer Velocity A Southern Ocean Case Study T. Bell, Plymouth Marine Laboratory (presented by M. Yang, Plymouth Marine Laboratory)
15:50 16:10 68397 Linking Surfactant Associated Bacteria on the Sea Surface and in the Near Surface Layer of the Ocean to Satellite Imagery B. Hamilton, Nova Southeastern University
16:10 16:30   Coffee Break  
Session 2 - GHG Fluxes (II) - Chairpersons: D. Bakker, UEA, and R. Wanninkhof, NOAA
16:30 16:50 68249 Towards better Air-Sea Gas Fluxes: Achievements of the ESA OceanFlux Greenhouse Gases Project P. Land, Plymouth Marine Laboratory (presented by J. Shutler, Plymouth Marine Laboratory)
16:50 17:10 68357 Validation of Inferred Super-Resolution Ocean pCO2 and Air-Sea CO2 Fluxes with in Situ and Remote Sensing Data H. Yahia, INRIA (presented by I. Hernandez-Carrasco, LEGOS)
17:10 17:30 68224 The Air-Sea Gas Transfer Velocity - Approaching it from Multiple Angles M. Yang, Plymouth Marine Laboratory
17:30 17:50 68306 <="">New Insights of pCO₂ Variability in the Tropical Pacific Ocean using SMOS Salinity C. W. Brown, LOCEAN
17:50 18:10   Crowd-sourcing climatologies and the big experiment J. Shutler, Plymouth Marine Laboratory
18:10 18:30   Round Table: Novel EO missions – Moderators: C. Donlon, ESA, and B. Chapron, Ifremer   
18:30 19:30   Poster session and cocktail  
Day 2 - Wednesday, October 29, 2014  
08:50 09:20   Wake-up keynote: Ocean-wide atmosphere-ocean CO2 fluxes from in-situ and remote sensing data, and constraints on the global carbon cycle A. Watson, University of Exeter
Session 3 - Ocean/Atmosphere Interactions at High Latitudes - Chairpersons: J.P. Burrows, Univeristy of Bremen, and J. Yackel, University of Calgary 
09:20 09:40 73674 Effects of ice floes and leads on skin sea surface temperature, mixing and gas transfer in the marginal ice zone C. Zappa, Columbia University
09:40 10:00 68679 Estimating surface-atmosphere physical and biogeochemical fluxes through ocean-sea ice-atmosphere interface using time series C-band SAR D. Barber, University of Manitoba (presented by J. Yackel, University of Calgary)
10:00 10:20 70626 Observing the Anthropocene from Space:  Marine Boundary Layer Ocean Ice Feedback J.P. Burrows, Univeristy of Bremen
10:20 10:40 70660 Calcifying Plankton and their Modulation of the North Atlantic, Sub-Arctic and European Shelf-Sea Sinks of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide from Satellite EarthObservation P. Land, Plymouth Marine Laboratory
10:40 11:00   Direct Eddy Covariance CO2 Flux Measurements during the Southern Ocean Aerosol Production Study S. Landwehr, NUI Galway
11:00 11:20   Coffee Break  
Session 4 - Heat and Freshwater fluxes (I) - Chairpersons: P. Minnett, University of Miami, and C. Clayson, WHOI
11:20 11:40 70915 Ship-board radiometric measurements of the air-sea temperature difference P. Minnett, University of Miami
11:40 12:00 68157 Satellite-Derived Near-Surface Air Temperature and Humidity: Recent Progress and New Validation G. Wick, NOAA ESRL
12:00 12:20 68329 A new Diurnally Adjusted High Resolution Sea Surface Temperature Analysis A. Harris, University of Maryland
12:20 12:40 68229 Modelling the Diurnal Variability of SST and its Vertical Extent I. Karagali, DTU Wind Energy
12:40 13:00 70873 SST diurnal cycle and heat budget estimates over the Mediterranean Sea S. Marullo, ENEA
13:00 14:30   Poster aperitif and Lunch  
Session 4 - Heat and Freshwater fluxes (II) - Chairpersons: A. Soloviev, Nova Southeastern University, and N. Reul, Ifremer
14:30 14:50 71054 Dynamics of the Sea Surface Temperature Extrema on a Global Scale Using Satellite Measurements G. Vysotskaya, Institute of Computational Modelling of SBRAS
14:50 15:10 68414 Air-sea flux distributions from satellite and models across the global oceans C. Clayson, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
15:10 15:30 68390 Sea surface temperature and salinity under low wind speed conditions A. Soloviev, Nova Southeastern University
15:30 15:50 68118 Sea Surface Salinity under Rain Cells: SMOS Satellite and In-Situ Drifters Observations J. Boutin, CNRS
15:50 16:10 67996 Diurnal Variations in
Near-Surface Salinity
K. Drushka, University of Washington
16:10 16:30   Coffee Break  
Session 4 - Heat and Freshwater fluxes (III) - Chairpersons: B. Ward, NUI Galway, and J. Boutin, CNRS
16:30 16:50 68623 Diurnal evolution of turbulence in the ocean surface boundary layer G. Sutherland, NUI Galway
16:50 17:10 68034 Assessing the Impact of Air-Sea Interactions on Tropical Convection at Intraseasonal Timescales C. DeMott, Colorado State University
17:10 17:30 68285 Observing Deep Convection from Space : a Multi Sensor Approach M. Herrmann, LEGOS / IRD
17:30 17:50 68675 Water mass formation in the North Atlantic as seen by SMOS and OSTIA M. Klockmann, Max Planck Institute for Meteorolgy
17:50 18:10 68235 Severe Marine Weather Studies using SMOS L-Band Sensor Data and Multi-Sensor Synergies N. Reul, Ifremer
18:10 18:30   Round Table: Ocean-Atmosphere Fluxes – Moderators: J. Shutler, PML; N. Reul, Ifremer; C. Clayson, WHOI, and C. Zappa, Columbia University  
18:30 19:30   Poster session and cocktail  
Day 3 - Thursday, October 30, 2014  
08:50 09:20   Wake-up keynote: Reducing uncertainties in global air-sea gas fluxes  R. Wanninkhof, NOAA
Session 5 - Momentum fluxes (I) - Chairpersons: A. Stoffelen, KNMI, and M. Portabella, ICM-CSIC
09:20 09:40 68613 Scatterometer ocean winds long term climate data record A. Stoffelen, KNMI
09:40 10:00 68346 Scatterometer-Derived Sea Surface Wind Variability Associated with Convective Systems: a Valuable Source of Air-Sea Interaction Information M. Portabella, ICM-CSIC
10:00 10:20 69123 Presentation, Analysis and Release of synthetic swell field database generated using full ENVISAT/ASAR Wave Mode archive in preparation of Sentinel-1 R. Husson, CLS
10:20 10:40 68370 Evolution of Surface Drift at Short Fetches, its Influence on Surface Wave Growth and  Potential Implications to Remote Observations of Surface Waves and Currents F. Ocampo-Torres, CICESE
10:40 11:00 68371 Marine Atmosphere Couplings under Extremes B. Chapron, Ifremer
11:00 11:20   Coffee Break  
Session 5 - Momentum fluxes (II) - Chairpersons: C. Zappa, Columbia University, and M. Bourassa, Florida State University
11:20 11:40 70022 Improvements of Storm Surge Forecasting in the Gulf of Venice with Scatterometer Wind Data: the ESA DUE eSurge-Venice Project F. De Biasio, Istituto di Scienze dell'Atmosfera e del Clima
11:40 12:00 68242   Resolving Small Scale Variations of  Meteo-Marine Parameters in Coastal Regions with TerraSAR-X S. Jacobsen,(presented by C. Gebhardt, German Aerospace Center)
12:00 12:20 71117 Global Climate Observing System and Issues with Ocean Surface Fluxes M. Bourassa, Florida State University
12:20 12:40 68228 Validation of Atmosphere-Ocean Heat and Momentum Fluxes over the North Sea in Coupled ClimateSimulations C. Dieterich, SMHI
12:40 13:00 68356 Do Differences between NWP Model and EO Winds Matter? A. Stoffelen, KNMI
13:00 14:30   Poster aperitif and Lunch  
Session 6 - Aerosol (I) - Chairpersons: G. de Leeuw, FMI, and S. Pinnock, ESA
14:30 14:50 68291 A Sea Spray Aerosol Source Function Including Wave State Effects J. Ovadnevaite, NUI Galway
14:50 15:10 67528 Direct and Indirect Effects of Sea Spray Aerosol using a Source Function Encapsulating Wave State A-I. Partanen, FMI (presented by J. Ovadnevaite, NUI Galway)
15:10 15:30 68150 Combining Satellite and In-Situ Observations to Quantify Mesoscale Variations in Production of Sea Spray Aerosols Y. Lehahn, Weizmann Institute of Science
15:30 15:50 71817 Marine Organics and Sea Spray Aerosol Water Update C. O'Dowd, NUI Galway
15:50 16:10 70859 Satellite-based retrieval of desert dust deposition into the Atlantic Ocean M. Jaeger, Univ. Bremen
16:10 16:30   Coffee Break  
Session 6 - Aerosol (II) - Chairpersons: I. Koren, Weizmann Institute of Science, and D. Rosenfeld, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
16:30 16:50 68298 Marine Submicron Aerosol Sources, Sinks and Chemical Fluxes D. Ceburnis, NUI Galway
16:50 17:10 68308 Relationship between Aerosol Methanesulfonate and Remotely Sensed Phytoplankton Activity in Central Mediterranean Sea S. Becagli, University of Florence
17:10 17:30 68203 Large Increase in Cloud Drop Concentrations and Albedo over Sea Surfaces Colder than 7°C D. Rosenfeld, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
17:30 17:50 71135 When do marine clouds stop being aerosol-limited? I. Koren, Weizmann Institute of Science
17:50 18:10   The use of satellite data in marine aerosol studies G. de Leeuw, FMI
18:10 18:30   Round Table: Aerosol – Moderators: G. de Leeuw, FMI; S. Pinnock, ESA; I. Koren, Weizmann Institute of Science, and D. Rosenfeld, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem  
18:30 19:30   Poster session and cocktail  
Day 4 - Friday, October 31, 2014  
08:50 09:20   Wake-up keynote: Ocean Upwelling and Oxygen Minimum Zones (OMZ): issues and perspectives from satellite observations A. Paulmier, LEGOS-IRD
Session 7 - Atmosphere processes - Chairpersons: R. Volkamer, University of Colorado, and C. Garbe, University of Heidelberg
09:20 09:40 68456 The TORERO field campaign: Eddy Covariance fluxes and vertical profiles of oxygenated hydrocarbons over the tropical Pacific Ocean R. Volkamer, University of Colorado
09:40 10:00 68769 Deriving vertical profiles of free tropospheric trace gases from ground based measurements S. Coburn, University of Colorado 
10:00 10:20 70767 Measurements of NO2 shipping emissions using optical remote sensing A.C. Meier, University of Bremen
10:20 10:40 68673 Sensitivity of marine N2O to atmospheric N deposition  A. Landolfi, IFM-Geomar
10:40 11:00 71429 Deterministic Inference for Aerosol Transport via Atmospheric Flows C. Garbe, University of Heidelberg
11:00 11:20   Coffee Break  
Session 8 - Physical and biogeochemical processes (I) - Chairpersons: S. Delwart, ESA, and T. Jackson, PML
11:20 11:40 71022 Traceability, Uncertainty and Quality Control of AERONET-OC Data for Satellite Ocean ColorApplications G. Zibordi, Joint Research Centre
11:40 12:00 68367 Inversion of Bio-Optical Model to Obtain the Chlorophyll Biomass of three Phytoplankton Size Classes B. Brewin, Plymouth Marine Laboratory
12:00 12:20 68660 Role of photoacclimation on phytoplankton’s seasonal cycle in the Mediterranean Sea through satellite ocean color data M. Bellacicco, Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate
12:20 12:40 68313 Marine Primary Production: Model Parameters from Space H. Bouman, University of Oxford (presented by T. Jackson, PML)
12:40 13:00 67955 Determination of the light availability in the ocean using the vibrational Raman effect T. Dinter, University Bremen
13:00 14:30   Poster aperitif and Lunch  
Session 8 - Physical and biogeochemical processes (II) - Chairpersons: A. Paulmier, LEGOS-IRD, and B. Brewin, PML
14:30 14:50 70832 Terrestrial solar induced fluorescence as seen from space N. Khosravi, IUP
14:50 15:10 68791 The other CO2 problem: Studying Ocean Acidification using satellite Earth observation P. Land, Plymouth Marine Laboratory
15:10 15:30 68661 Preparatory activities to estimate surface ocean pH from satellite observations R. Sabia, Telespazio-Vega for ESA
15:30 15:50 68142 Anthropogenic CO2 and Acidification in the Mediterranean Sea during May 2013 A. El Rahman Hassoun, CNRS
15:50 16:30   Final Discussion and closure of the meeting - Moderators: E. Breviere, IFM-Geomar, and C. Donlon, ESA